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Italian Quality

at america’s pace.

Our mission: To captivate our customers by delivering an unmatched level of quality, consistency and speed in every cup.

Our Corporate Vision Statement: To position Ellianos Coffee Company as a dominant regional brand, with a national presence, by growing our customer base and expanding our franchise system, while giving back to the communities in which we work and live.

Our winning lineup

signature creations

dolce 1 - Ellianos

Caffe Dolce

White mocha latte swirled with rich, creamy caramel. Available hot, iced, or as a freezer.

milan 2 - Ellianos

Milan Mint Mocha

Mouthwatering mint and dark mocha latte. Available hot, cold, or as a freezer.

tuscany 1 - Ellianos

Tuscany Toffee

Toffee latte combined with real caramel sauce. Available hot, iced, or as a freezer.

sicilian 1 - Ellianos

Sicilian Smoothie

Smooth blend of strawberries, pineapple, and coconut.

venetian 1 - Ellianos

Venetian Vanilla Creme

Our delicious caffe breve with a splash of sweet vanilla. Available hot or iced.

cookie 1 - Ellianos

Cookies & Creme Freezer

Sweet blend of espresso, real Oreo® cookies, and ice cream.

That's just the tip of the iceberg

Meet your new favorite drink

This place is good! I got a cappuccino and was happy to hear the barista asking me if I wanted more foam or more milk. Cappuccino is all about the foam as far as I'm concerned. The coffee was excellent.

GenerXdad D.

I first discovered this coffee spot in Starke. I slip by here sometimes in the morning and with my son at night. Customer service is excellent and not snooty.

Ed L.

Their espresso is wonderful. It's full-bodied and tastes as good as it smells!

Mary M.

Tired of the largest coffee shop chain? Stop or drive thru here and try anything, it's good, consistent and friendly staff!


I love Ellianos. It has two drive-thru windows so if one is occupied, just go to the other one! The drink prices are comparable to other coffee shops and they are very tasty.

Kristen P.

Ellianos wins over other coffee shops. I stop by here on my frequent trips to Gainesville. Great customer service. Consistently good product!

James T.